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Check The Style The BIG ONE - 2019 L'Aquila

What a BIG times in L'Aquila this Year for Check The Style The Big One Music Festival , plenty of fun, style, great music and friends! Every year is a pleasure to be partners and supporters of this beautyful reality, Snook , Michela , Foglia , The Prisoners crew and all the stuff make a wonderful job once again. Stay in L'Aquila means breathe a powerful mix of emotions, from the scars of the earthquake of 2009 to the strong will of a restart for the community who lives there. We meet a lot of cool young people who work hard to make dreams, passion and ideas comes true. It ain't easy, but...
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Gaza is Alive!

We have been at CSO Pedro this weekend at the wonderful Fundraising Jam for Gaza is Alive , project, supporting Shaark , the CB Crew and their school. It is important to help those in need and that deserve it, even a little help can be so much for those who have nothing. Here the Hip Hop really saves lives, remember this BBoys and BGirls! We paste the release of the project, to get an idea of ​​the situation, and then i mmediately go to Crowdfunding and donate! Thanks again to all the guys from Pedro and the super Orion . See you soon! Then a bit of photos of the pieces and the evening with...
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The Valdo Beat

Returning from the Valdo Beat , a really nice situation! Thanks to Elvis , Telemare and all the guys in the organization, we had a great time in a fun and crazy atmosphere! Just look final of Breaking where among all the BBoys they danced up, literally, to exhaustion! Dope music thanks to Dj Nersone , a guarantee for the battles and Next One at the after party, don't stop until they have turned everything off between trains and beer. Pretty cool! Big up to all the winners who will fly in Sardinia for the Feel Da Bounce Finals and in Calabria Calabreaking , rappresent! Recommended to...
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Funky Fresh 2018 Recap

The Funky Fresh is without a doubt a positive event, and this year Sdido, Serena, Seba and all the guys and girls involved do a very good job. We have so much fun and it was beautiful to meet old and new friend. Good music (Dj Nersone, Dj NextOne and Dj Kid Cut on the wheels of steel) and good dancers battle for the first place. Plus, we have a very good live show by Mr. Hooper, cool MC from Cali. All that was host by the one and only MC Trix, and his legendary voice (and Shoes!). Long story short, you better don't miss the next edition, keep up the support for this kind of events, where...
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Queen 16 Recap

Queen16 is an international BGirls contest and we knows, because BBoy Cap and BBoy Sdido was on the last editions, that it is a very good situation. So we was so much happy when Loopi and Eve invited us this year and ask to make the prizes for the winners . Contests (BGirl 1vs1 and Family Fever) was really nice, high level and, very important, good music thanks to the Djs Next One, Lazy One, Jasty and Wave, always on point. Most of all, everybody have a great time, fun, happiness, confrontation and sharing knowledge. Great! We know many cool people, and collect beatuiful new memories. Support...
HHC Arena 2018

Hip Hop Connection Arena 2018 Recap

Still devastated after 3 days at Hip Hop Connection Arena 2018! It's been 3 wonderful days, high level as usual between inviteds crews and partecipants. Silly weather but in the end everything was ok thanks to the well-established Christelle and all the team. After all, it was the 18th edition of one of the oldest contest in Italy. So cool to meet again old friends and meet so many cool people with super energy! Foglia, Dennyman, Alessandrina, Mowgly, Cap, NastyDen, Kikko, Ares Adami, Snod, Tonino, Gava, Philgood, Geme, Fle, Orghone, Last Alive, Marittima Funk, Mosè, Chaz, Xak, Ghina, Lollo...