Two Step vs Domm 2020 - Bologna

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Hi BBoys and BGirls!
Last weekend we were guests and supporters of the Two Step vs Doom in Bologna, and it is always cool to see events that grows year after year, edition after edition. First of all because we know well and firsthand all the efforts and passion necessary to carry out projects and events, and then because knowing the people behind us, it is a pride to see them do their stuff better and better. So congratulations to Kendra, Sara, and to everyone who helped for this new edition.
The location is very beautiful, the DAS in the center of Bologna.
After the Workshops we start with the various formats, always very interesting like the Domm: Dance on my Music, where each dancer danced on music chosen by him, but also on that chosen by his opponent. A nice test of interpretation.
Obviously then the classic 1vs1 of Breaking and the Crew vs Crew Hip Hop, with a lot of participants and energy. At the end the prizes was taken by Carlos (Domm) in a beautiful final against Gava, BBoy Ibra in BBoying and Tribal Ganz in Crew vs Crew, congratulations guys and girls!
Finally, to keep the vibra high the contest was host by Dulk  and a super Still on the console, who played an excellent selection of music all day long.
In short, a really nice day.
Greetings to all the friends met, Omar, Giovanni and Viola, Simo, Ibra, Yaio, Gabriel, Sly, Edo, Polso, Lazyness, Mine, Epiks, Comix, Lil Epiks, Sesè, Chiara, Hamza, Stewe, Crazy Fellas. If we have forgotten someone, we ask forgiveness we love you anyway :)