About Us

Prama was born in late 2011 by the idea of Sara, B.Girl Data7  and Lorenzo Jato.

A sewery machine, a bench for manual silkscreen, a couple of brush and a tons of ideas was the first step, and we starts to make streetwear at home.

The name Prama means, in Nuoro's slang, "go full throttle", and this is is the best way to describe us. The simple but effective cuts of the clothes, combined with Sara's attention to details and Lorenzo's graphics and customization, make a unique product that was well appreciated by the customers.

Step by step we  improve our skills, and then, in 2014, we have a turning point when we meet Cap and Noccio, two skilled B.Boys from Break the Funk Crew / Flexible Flav . They have the same love and respect for true Hip Hop Culture, and quickly became good friends. Plus, the freshness of their young age makes an explosive mix. They love Prama's clothes , when Sara express the idea of make breakdance technical wear, they became part of Prama's core. After that, they invite well known B.Boy Boogie (Ormus Force, Legacy N3D, Underground Solution Crews), B.Boy Ibra All, B.Boy Sdido (Fresh Mod, Flexible Flav), B.Girl Alessandrina and B.Boy Mowgly (Marittima Funk)  to join Prama Family and push together the project.

Now we make unique pieces based on taste and style of dancing of each B.Boy and B.Girl that want to have a personal style of dress, like back in the days used to be in Hip Hop world. They can choose colors, cuts, details, tissues and customization with prints and handlettering with tags or Crew name. They can have a clothes that fits well and reminds of their personality, as long as protect them and improve spinning. In a wolrd that is every day more omologated, Prama try to remaind that one of the most strength is that every one is different, unique, and that is one of the most important thing that they learn from Hip Hop Culture, as long as respect, confrontation and don't bite someone else style. From minds to hands to you, the saga continues, and you're welcome to join our mad dreams.

Prama Family