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About us

Bottega Prama was born in 2011 from the idea of Sara Corpino aka B.Girl Data 7. By joining forces with Lorenzo Jato Galleri they start with the first artisan production of customizable streetwear. The potential of the brand is immediately visible, which combines passion and culture and is highly appreciated by customers.

In 2015 the decision to devote himself to Breaking and Hip Hop, thanks to the background of Sara and Lorenzo (respectively B.Girl since 1995 and Writer since 1998, still active in the scene at 360°, organizing jams, walls and representing in Italy and abroad their aptitude) and entry into the team of B.Boy Cap and B.Boy Noccio. From this union was born a line of dresses that combine style, comfort, resistance and technicality for dance, quickly becoming a synonym of quality, attitude and culture. Bottega Prama offers the opportunity to design your own outfit, becoming a must have in the Italian scene and collaborating with the main Crews (among others Break the funk, Ormus Force, Marittima Funk, Last Alive) and events from north to south (including Check the Style and Hip Hop Connection). In those years the Prama Family was born with B.Boy Noccio, B.Boy Cap, B.Boy Boogiegun, B.Boy Ibra, B.Boy Sdido, B.Girl Alessandrina and B.Boy Mowgly, where we supported each other by pushing the brand and wearing unique pieces in cyphers and battles around the world together with Guerrilla marketing actions.

The garments are widely appreciated as well as the attitude of the founders who bring the focus back to culture, fun, respect and representing one's attitude. B.Boying is an art, not just a sport. Just as Hip Hop is a culture that encompasses four (and more, if you like) arts, not a fashion or mere business.

The Skillz, the heart and taste of Bottega Prama (to which Matteo Corpino is added for customizations and logistics) while creating outfits are also noticed abroad, with several invitations to European events unfortunately skipped due to the pandemic.

But from adversity comes opportunity, in fact in 2020 the B.Pro (Be Protected) project was born. Patent pending, the Project received the 2021 IncredBOL! award from the Municipality of Bologna in the innovation section. The award is dedicated to new and innovative realities and projects in the cultural and creative sector. After two years of study, design, prototyping and production, the first protective undershirt for Breaking in the world sees the light in 2022. B.Pro combines elbow pads, wrist guards and shoulder protectors in a single jersey, without bulk and without hindering movement. It protects against the most annoying and common injuries and overuse syndromes, promotes learning of the moves and makes you dance without the anxiety of getting hurt. It is a new state-of-the-art tool with which dancers can have fun like never before. From the scene to the scene and starting from scratch, Bottega Prama offers and will continue to offer more and more cutting-edge products and to make its contribution to the culture, helping to prevent injuries and taking moves and tricks to the next level thanks to B.Pro, supporting events and people who care about culture and bringing more and more style and attitude to both the floors and the streets with streetwear line and clothing for Breaking and dance.

The current team is made up of Sara Corpino, Lorenzo Galleri, Matteo Corpino, Marta Guidi, B.Boy Salo, B.Boy Cap, B.Boy Boogiegun and B.Boy Mine.


Thanks to B.PRO®, the first protective spinshirt for BBoys, Bgirls and kids, you can say goodbye to the most common Breaking injuries and evolve the most extreme moves in peace. No more Tatami or bulky and uncomfortable protections. Accelerate learning. Feel the difference.

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