B.PRO Invisible Protective Shirt for Breaking Injuries

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What is B.PRO®?

B.PRO® means Be Protected and is an innovative undershirt that protects the points of the body at greatest risk of injury: wrists, elbows and, for the first time in the world, the shoulders!

How does B.PRO® work?

Our innovative medical pads have a double function: they absorb shocks and at the same time return the push. It is worn like a normal thermal shirt, you can put any clothes on top of it and the protections are invisible! Zero loss of style, protection and total freedom of movement.

Why B.PRO®?

You are in training, learning or trying new things. You are in battle, you want to give your best. You know the burns? Forget them. You know the bruises? Forget them. You know the bursitis? Don't think about it anymore. You know bone calluses and overuse syndromes? You can feel much more comfortable for years to come. All in one invisible undershirt, without hindering movement. You know when blood comes out and your clothes get dirty, you feel pain and you lose concentration? With B.PRO® it won't happen again.

Proper prevention translates into peace of mind and more years of dancing.

You will feel the difference!

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