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Style Jacket

Hoodies & jackets

Style Jacket

80.00 €

Looking for a perfect Jacket to speed up your powermoves and be super fresh?
Check this: On the shoulder and chest nylon super slippery, all lined with satin fabric. Very useful for slides, backspins and windmills!

Handmade technical Jacket.

Perfect for every occasion or just to chill with style!
Fresh, comfortable, stylish and heavy!

BClothing for real BBoys and BGirls.

Composition: 10% Cotton, 50% Nylon, 40% Satin

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Style Jacket

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This item is currently available in limited quantity. For larger supplies, you can send us a request email and wait just some days while we prepare the goods. Please note, that the products may present minor differencies in tissues and/or materials, as a consequence of their availability. If these differencies are remarkable when comparing the catalog item, we will promptly contact you.


Thanks to B.PRO®, you can say goodbye to the most common Breaking injuries and evolve the most extreme moves in peace. No more Tatami or bulky and uncomfortable protections. Accelerate learning. Feel the difference.

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