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Six Step One Life #5 - BBoy Cap

Six Step One Life: “The Six Step as a symbol of discipline: I remember hours and hours spent on this step and those that I continue to spend to try to improve it more and more. It teaches you that to get to a goal you have to spend time, sweat and commitment; all moved by a fundamental element: passion. The Six Step as a symbol of the circle: just as a circle does not have angles or more "important" or "different" corners, even in this Culture everyone can express themselves freely because all the points of this figure are important (creating a structure between the more harmonious ... think...
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Six Step One Life #4 - BBoy Boogie

Six Step One Life: “The Six Step for me is like a mantra that allows me to enter the dimension of BBoying, and like every mantra it helps to become aware of what you are, of your skills and how to make the best out of them! I hope to teach more and more boys this “BBoying" physical mantra that makes those who practice it feel good, and that makes the mind grow in a global Hip Hop culture! Six steps to close a circle, six words to enclose another: we, peace, love, unity and fun!" BBoy Boogie ---------------- What does this mean to you? We interested in your opinions, stories and adventures...