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Check the Style 2024 International Breaking Event Recap

There's no time to rest after the WGTFlower and we immediately set off again towards L'Aquila for the 2024 edition of the Check the Style, the biggest, most stylish and...

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Check the Style 2023 International Breaking Event Recap

Hello BBoys and BGirls! Welcome to our new website! And what better recap to resume the blog of the twentieth edition of Check The Style, in our opinion by now...

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Prize T-Shirts for Check The style 2023

We continue the collabo with B-Boy Snook and B-Boy Foglia for the next edition of Check The Style, with prize T-shirt for the Kids category winners. See y’all in L’Aquila...

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Check The Style 2022 | International Breaking Event Recap

What’s good Hip Hop Headz? The warm season cannot start better, Hip Hop, Breaking, Sun, Abruzzo, L’Aquila, the Friends: Check The Style 2022! We start from Rimini, full of energy,...

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B-Boy Spinshirt prizes for Check The Style 2021

We continue the collabo with B-Boy Snook and B-Boy Foglia  for the next edition of Check The Style, with a brand new prize Shirt for the Kids category winner. See...

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Check The Style The BIG ONE - 2019 L'Aquila

What a BIG times in L'Aquila this Year for Check The Style The Big One Music Festival, plenty of fun, style, great music and friends! Every year is a pleasure...

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