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Six Step One Life #10 - BGirl Data7

I started dancing in ’95, I was lucky enough to meet B.boys who have always wanted to share their knowledge with me and together we lived not only Breaking but...

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Six Step One Life #9 - BBoy Cima

Six Step One Life: If we talk about six steps that tell you, I first learned the 3 step ... I saw it more stylish than the sixstep until I...

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Six Step One Life #7 - B.Girl Loopi

Six Step One Life: “An ode to the Six Step: To me, the Six Step stands for a level in Breaking, that no other dance touches as detailed and as...

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Six Step One Life #6 - BGirl Emma Ready

Six Step One Life: “Circular motion Symmetry and Balance Timeless, infinite Circles never go out of fashion" BGirl Emma Ready Video by: indi ---------------- What does this mean to you?...

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Six Step One Life #8 - BBoy Foglia

The Six Step is my base. Through which I became passionate about this culture, it became my first reason for living. It is my expression, through it I transform and...

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Six Step One Life #5 - BBoy Cap

Six Step One Life: “The Six Step as a symbol of discipline:I remember hours and hours spent on this step and those that I continue to spend to try to...

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