Check The Style The BIG ONE - 2019 L'Aquila

Check The Style The BIG ONE - 2019 L'Aquila

What a BIG times in L'Aquila this Year for Check The Style The Big One Music Festival, plenty of fun, style, great music and friends!

Every year is a pleasure to be partners and supporters of this beautyful reality, Snook, Michela, Foglia, The Prisoners crew and all the stuff make a wonderful job once again.

Stay in L'Aquila means breathe a powerful mix of emotions, from the scars of the earthquake of 2009 to the strong will of a restart for the community who lives there. We meet a lot of cool young people who work hard to make dreams, passion and ideas comes true. It ain't easy, but where is a will there is a way.

So we start Thursday after 7 ours of train, goes to Zero Gravity to meet Snook, Michela and the crew. Then first live show, starting with very good music from Lo Jah, Slammer Sound (keep going that way!) and Dj Borracha. Then Friday we starts early with the first categories, Footwork Battle and Crew vs Crew. Right after, we came back again to the Castle For the Lives of Zona Rossa Krew (Big up!) and B.I.G. Bolo Inner Ground (Deda, Dj Trix, Dj Lugi, Moddi MC, Dj Madkid). What can we say, every times they performs seems different, and every times is cool like no others. Crazy mix, real attitude, incredible music and entertaiment. For us, they're the best out there, they can turn every party in THE Party, full of good vibes.

So we party hard with old and new friend, great times.

Saturday was the big day, and we were already twisted from the nights before. The day was really nice, everything goes on time, and it ain't easy with so many categories and participants from all over the world. We have a great time once again, and you can feel the good mood of the place. The battles was also very good, high level and many highlights during the battles and the circles. Good job BBoys and BGirls on the breaks of Dj Manzo and South Dj Scream (Tnx for the mixtapes!).

Then the final showcases with Keso, Morbo, DrJack, Dono, Stokka & Madbuddy feat. Roc Beats aka Dj Shocca, Paparoby and Ocean Wisdom on his first ever Show in Italy. Great Night again of good music and skillz.

So a big shout to Boogie, Yaio, Nico, 3Bor, Gipsy, Polso, Den, Arizona, Mambo, Tazz, Eric G, Monsa, Cima, BGirl Nightmare and BBoy Stelios, Ormus Force, Sirbones, Danilo, Gibbo, Tonino, Lugi, Trix and BIG, Prisoners Crew, Salo, Last Alive and everybody spend some times with us, hope to meet you all again soon!

Last but not least, if you goes to L'Aquila and you need to move around the city, you must contact the guys of Blue Sling and You Get Back that with very low costs offer the service of bring you in their car literally everytimes and everywhere you need. We use a lot this service and we are very happy to found it. Speaking of there is a will there is a way, this young guys and girls had a great idea and make it work. Full support guys!

Here's the list of the winners that win a +1 of reputation, a lot af cash and the trip to the Yalta Summer Jam and to the Outbreak. But most of all another great memories to add on the list. Rappresent and good luck!

1vs1 - Kulebra
1vs1 BGirl - Tazz
2vs2 - Salo & Goodcat
Crew Vs Crew - Flava in your eyes
1vs1 footwork - Side
2vs2 u16 - Kent & Samwell
2vs2 u12 - Conquistador

Se yall next year!

Sara and Lore

P.S.= Lo vuoi un orsetto gommoso? XD

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