Check the Style 2024 International Breaking Event Recap

Check the Style 2024 International Breaking Event Recap

There's no time to rest after the WGTF and we immediately set off again towards L'Aquila for the 2024 edition of Check The Style, the biggest, most stylish and funniest event in Italy (and beyond). Just a couple of numbers to start: 530 B-Boys and B-Girls on the floor, 45 (FORTY-FIVE) different nations represented, 5000 present and live streaming to watch. Very respectable numbers, but they don't surprise us that much. We are now at the eighth edition together as partners, if you haven't already done so, read our previous recaps to understand the importance of an event that started from the bottom and from love, which without haste and one step at a time has become a reference for the world stage. Immense Snook at the controls who, together with Foglia, Michela and the entire Check the Style team, continue to serve us fun, the possibility of sharing, parties, top music (YO DJS!) and a very high level of style on the floor. As Max Momentum rightly pointed out, “this is not a job of one man only, this is the job of a team”. This year the organization feels top-notch like never before, the machine is well run in, the good atmosphere is contagious despite the climate changes that are making themselves felt. It's a shame we couldn't spend the last day in the center due to bad weather, it would have been a top moment for the entire city. We meet a certain number of friends and meet a lot of new guys, a big hug to everyone who stopped by the stand and shared a laugh with us. You can't miss next year, it's always a memorable experience for those who love culture and aren't just looking for the sporting part of the discipline, but something more precious and indelible. This year, in addition to the contests, there were: Abruzzo final of Tecniche Perfette, Night Skinny Concert, 3 Afterparty, scary food and last but not least Zampa's live bomb, Loop Station Master!
In fact, the music of our video recap is an excerpt from Zampa's live show, it lasts two minutes but it's worth it, come on. Let's see if this time the attention span rises, we can't do anything other than try to do justice to the coolness that was this weekend! If you want 10 second video recaps, I'm sorry for you, when something is cool, as well as the right time to grow, it needs the right time to be told. What more can I say, enjoy your vision and don't forget to train your brain as well as your body. 


Finally, to see the photos again by the mega EricG, follow this page here, while here you can see the streaming of the final day. 
Big up to Sapu and Ghina (THANK YOU!), B-Boy Side, Manzo, Turok, Pavimento Fertile, Slammer Sound Crew, Dj DoubleS, Mastafive, Keso, Boogie & Legacy Crew ❤️‍🔥 this year in combo with Salo, Primal Instinct, Sucio, Zampa, Alby, Balena and the Funkobotz (DON’T MISS THE NEXT CAVALIERI DELL’ASFALTO!!!), Lele, Chimp e Hip Hop Cinefest (unmissable!!), BGirl Tazz, Prisoners Crew, Pepè aka the honorary winner of the Tecniche Perfette from now on forever and ever. 
One last mega big up to Dj Plash for putting a lot of good HH into the challenges, nice to see something more roots dancing than the usual drawn out and after a while monotonous breakbeats. (beautiful eh, for goodness sake, but some rubbish gustibus). Surely we have forgotten someone, but you know what they say, y’all knows. We love you all. 

Are we stopping? Never! From tomorrow we will be at Amazing Day by Mr.Wany, see you at the stand!! A Pramaaaaa! 

One Culture 
One Love 
Not afraid to be Myself 
From the Scene for the Scene 

Prama Fam

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