Hip Hop Connection Arena 2018 Recap

Hip Hop Connection Arena 2018 Recap

Still devastated after 3 days at Hip Hop Connection Arena 2018!

It's been 3 wonderful days, high level as usual between inviteds crews and partecipants. Silly weather but in the end everything was ok thanks to the well-established Christelle and all the team. After all, it was the 18th edition of one of the oldest contest in Italy.

So cool to meet again old friends and meet so many cool people with super energy! Foglia, Dennyman, Alessandrina, Mowgly, Cap, NastyDen, Kikko, Ares Adami, Snod, Tonino, Gava, Philgood, Geme, Fle, Orghone, Last Alive, Marittima Funk, Mosè, Chaz, Xak,  Ghina, Lollo and all that we've forgot (sorry!): thanx for the time toghether always rappresenting!

New meeting with bigs that after so many years in the game continue to push the right mentality with tons of style! Krazy Kujo was one of that figure that when first steps in the scene brings innovation and crazyness on another level, so dope to notice that the idea that we make in our mind when we was teenagers in 1997, when we have in heavy rotation the video of the remix of It's Like That from Run Dmc (The original version, that you can listen here was relased in 1988, B-side of the legendary Sucker MC'S),  trying to understand how the hell was possible to make the moves that this crazy hairy guy was doing and still do is true: positivity, attitude, positive confrontation, laught toghether and new beautiful memories to add on our list. Same things for Samuka, what a guy! We only regret that we can't talk with the others ILL-Abilities guys, we hope to have soon another chance to meet you guys. Anyway, attitute and highest level, an example for everybody, for real.

What we can say then about all the kids and teenager with super energy and always a smile on their face....Good guys!!! Having fun is the key of everything: You can win or loose contests, the only things that really matter in positive confrontation and have so much fun, keep always in mind! That's a whole culture behind, and it can accompany you for all your life.

Also super show of AntiGravity (Ares Adami & Drimer, support indipendent producions, buy their cd!) and mega beatbox by Cjm's.

As good as seeing so many people with our BBoy Clothing, little and grows B.Boys with our t-shirt, B.Boy shirts and Accessories. One Love to all of you.

In the gallery you can see some photos, for better ones we suggest to see the album of Nasty Den who's always make wonderful shots!

Last but not least, big up to all the winners, from mixed style Jimmy and Joker to Mowgly for winnig the 1 vs 1 Breaking against a super Xak, and to the Hustle Kidz that in a head to head final against  ILL-Abilities in the Crew vs Crew. 

See y'all next year!!

Sara e Lore

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