Six Step One Life

Six Step One Life

Hi BBoys and BGirls!

Today, we start a new project called Six Step One Life, where we ask to BBoys and Bgirls what this phrase mean to them, and show their skills and their attitute in this Culture.

For us, means many beautiful memories of days and night spents on the floor, on the walls, around the cities looking for others BBoys and Bgirl, making new friends, connection, improving our skillz and knowledge, having fun. Like Zebster once write, you will never forget: it starts from a marker (tags) and end with a wholecar, in BBoying it all starts from the Six Step. And around this unique combinatin, so many people live their life, and make the whole culture grow.

What meant to you?

We interested in your opinions, stories and adventures from your experience into Breaking and Hip Hop Culture, from knowledge to share to funny stories, and videos of your dopest Six step and foundations.

You can comment here, or use the hashtags #sixsteponelife #bottegaprama and tag us @bottegaprama on Instagram, tag our page on FB or send your material at

Each one teach one, the first guest will be BBoy Ibra. Stay tuned!

Sara e Lore


The circle, the base, the foundations of every BBoy and BGirl worthy of that name, the only element that really characterizes Breaking, from day one.

Fun, passion, respect, desire to express yourself, training, study, research, knowledge, blood, sweat, effort, satisfaction, love, friendship, style, culture, attitude.
Our Attitude.
Our Life, Your Life.
A BBoy’s and BGirl’s Life


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