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Two Step vs Domm 2020 Recap - Bologna

Hi BBoys and BGirls!Last weekend we were guests and supporters of the Two Step vs Domm in Bologna, and it is always cool to see events that grows year after...

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Genova Hip Hop Festival 2020

The very first thing we discovered by going to the new edition of  Genova Hip Hop Festival is that Genoa, from Rimini, is very far! Departure at 2 am from...

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Knowledge Party 2020 Recap

Happy Twenty Twenty Boys and Girls!Our year started immediately with a bang, we’te returning from the Knowledge Party, what can we say? DOPE!But let's go in order: wake up at...

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Two Step vs Domm Photo Recap

Nice day in Bologna!!! Big Up to all the Organizator and to Kendra for inviting...

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Funky Fresh 2018 Recap

The Funky Fresh is without a doubt a positive event, and this year Sdido, Serena, Seba and all the guys and girls involved do a very good job. We have...

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Queen 16 Recap

Queen16 is an international BGirls contest and we knows, because BBoy Cap and BBoy Sdido was on the last editions, that it is a very good situation. So we was...

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