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Knowledge Party 2020 Recap

Happy Twenty Twenty Boys and Girls! Our year started immediately with a bang, we’te returning from the Knowledge Party , what can we say? DOPE! But let's go in order: wake up at dawn, train and car towards Tezze sul Brenta. Here Ibra and Rubio organized this mega edition, precisely at the Add Force gym . Starts on Saturday morning with the workshops of Spider (Hip Hop), Jato (Writing), Ares Adami (MCing), Yarko (Breaking) and Nersone (DJing). More than 30 children and teenagers at each workshop, it was hard considering the varied age but everything went smoothly, always nice to see a great...
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Gaza is Alive!

We have been at CSO Pedro this weekend at the wonderful Fundraising Jam for Gaza is Alive , project, supporting Shaark , the CB Crew and their school. It is important to help those in need and that deserve it, even a little help can be so much for those who have nothing. Here the Hip Hop really saves lives, remember this BBoys and BGirls! We paste the release of the project, to get an idea of ​​the situation, and then i mmediately go to Crowdfunding and donate! Thanks again to all the guys from Pedro and the super Orion . See you soon! Then a bit of photos of the pieces and the evening with...
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Six Step One Life #5 - BBoy Cap

Six Step One Life: “The Six Step as a symbol of discipline: I remember hours and hours spent on this step and those that I continue to spend to try to improve it more and more. It teaches you that to get to a goal you have to spend time, sweat and commitment; all moved by a fundamental element: passion. The Six Step as a symbol of the circle: just as a circle does not have angles or more "important" or "different" corners, even in this Culture everyone can express themselves freely because all the points of this figure are important (creating a structure between the more harmonious ... think...
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Six Step One Life #0

Hi BBoys and BGirls! Today, we start a new project called Six Step One Life, where we ask to BBoys and Bgirls what this phrase mean to them, and show their skills and their attitute in this Culture. For us, means many beautiful memories of days and night spents on the floor, on the walls, around the cities looking for others BBoys and Bgirl, making new friends, connection, improving our skillz and knowledge, having fun. Like Zebster once write, you will never forget: it starts from a marker (tags) and end with a wholecar, in BBoying it all starts from the Six Step. And around this unique...
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Funky Fresh 2018 Recap

The Funky Fresh is without a doubt a positive event, and this year Sdido, Serena, Seba and all the guys and girls involved do a very good job. We have so much fun and it was beautiful to meet old and new friend. Good music (Dj Nersone, Dj NextOne and Dj Kid Cut on the wheels of steel) and good dancers battle for the first place. Plus, we have a very good live show by Mr. Hooper, cool MC from Cali. All that was host by the one and only MC Trix, and his legendary voice (and Shoes!). Long story short, you better don't miss the next edition, keep up the support for this kind of events, where...
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Prizes for Feel Da Bounce vol.9 The Big Finals

Official Sponsor and Prizes for Feel Da Bounce vol.9 The Big Finals, Quartu Sant'Elena (Cagliari) 3 Handmade customized longsleeve shirts and 3 t-shirts for the winners of 1vs1 Breaking, 1vs1 BGirl and 1vs1 Hip Hop. Thanks to Matteo Puffo and all the FDB team!
Who stay in the circle have the Fire inside

Welcome in Bottega Prama's Blog!

Welcome! So, finally our new site is online, and after months of work (thanks Luca for all the help and patience) we are ready! First of all, we want to thank you for your support, it's very important for indipendent and selfmade reality like us to have you on our side! We start this journey thanks to the love and passion for the Hip Hop Culture, and this blog will talk about that, Culture and Arts. Hip Hop gave voice to millions of kids throught the 4 disciple, it gave a chance to who have nothing. Making kids to use angry, loneliness, stress, problems, joy and pain in a positive and...

Bottega Prama X HellMike Stunt Rider

Official Sponsor of Michele HellMike Serra, stunt rider based in Iglesias. Creation of his show outfit. Handmade shirt with manual silkscreen and handlettering on the shoulders. Handmade pants with manual silkscreen. Follow him on Facebook , Youtube and Instagram !