Welcome in Bottega Prama's Blog!

Welcome in Bottega Prama's Blog!


So, finally our new site is online, and after months of work (thanks Luca for all the help and patience) we are ready!

First of all, we want to thank you for your support, it's very important for indipendent and selfmade reality like us to have you on our side!

We start this journey thanks to the love and passion for the Hip Hop Culture, and this blog will talk about that, Culture and Arts.

Hip Hop gave voice to millions of kids throught the 4 disciple, it gave a chance to who have nothing. Making kids to use angry, loneliness, stress, problems, joy and pain in a positive and creative way. It change many lifes and developed many attitudes, including us.

Now, we aren't omniscient and less of all we want to be, because after over 20 years in the scene we realize that the more you think you know, be sure that that's a lot more that you don't know. And that's good, because you're ready to know more and more knowledge. Once you see your limits, it's more easy to push yourself over it.

What we want is to share with you what we know and what we think can be interesting and dope.

Lorenzo and Sara

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