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Hip Hop Connection 20th Anniversary Recap

Hello Breaking World! Here's our Recap of the 20th (TWENTYTH!!) edition of Hip Hop Connection Arena . No much word needed here, if you ever go to HHC you know what we're talking about. Fun, much fun, good competition and super organization. Thanx to Chrystelle, Laura, Mosè and all the HHC team, this is the most long-lived event in Italy. 20 Years are a lot of time B.People, respect! So, we offer to you all a little recap of this beautiful days (4 minutes, we know, but you can try to stay focus more than 10 seconds right? Damn social media, stay focus more for yourself!) and hope you all enjoy...
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Check The Style 2022 | International Breaking Event Recap

What’s good Hip Hop Headz? The warm season cannot start better, Hip Hop, Breaking, Sun, Abruzzo , L’Aquila , the Friends: Check The Style 2022! We start from Rimini, full of energy, expectations of fun and performance anxiety (we have finally unveiled our new line B.PRO®: invisible technical protective clothing for Breaking, a world first and a solution for many injuries, what better place than this?). We have been supporting each other for many years and it is a great joy to see the event grow year after year, more and more and without ever losing sight of the spirit of the party, therefore...