Check the Style 2023 International Breaking Event Recap

Check the Style 2023 International Breaking Event Recap

Hello BBoys and BGirls!

Welcome to our new website! And what better recap to resume the blog of the twentieth edition of Check The Style, in our opinion by now the biggest, most stylish and fun Italian event. Perhaps it would be better to say international, given that this year the breakers came from as many as 36 different countries. A well-established reality where for years Snook, Foglia and the organizational team have done and continue to grow this project which has now become an appointment not to be missed. Among the novelties of this year, let's start with the least appreciated: the rain. Rainy weekend that forced the organization to plan B, managing to get everything going according to schedule and once again demonstrating the seriousness behind this event. Let's continue with the most beautiful news: welcome Fabrizio! A hug to Jacopo and Michela and their wonderful family. The latest and most juicy news for the Breakers was the presentation of the ACSI Breaking Italia project and in particular the presentation of the Breaking National Technical Sector. Speakers were Antonio Viti, ACSI National President; Alfredo Pellecchia, President of the Abruzzo regional committee; Paola Federici, national training contact person.

"Breakin' Italia, explain the creators Bboy Snook, Bboy Foglia and BGirl Tazz, was born from the need to have an entity, something that could represent the scene. An organization to which you can ask in case of need, for ideas, for discussion. It is a project created after 3 years of study, comparisons and debates with some exponents of Breaking Italiano. It really is made by the Bboys and Bgirls for the Bboys and Bgirls. A 100% inclusive project that aims to grow Italian Breaking and the culture that has given us so much and that we love and represent every day. The project is supported and approved by ACSI - Sports Promotion Body recognized by CONI. Breakin Italia is based on these 3 key concepts:

1) Preserve: Preserving breakin', its history and origins to pass them on to future generations.

2) Create: Create new opportunities, new projects, new ideas and create connections.

3) Unify: Giving help to anyone who wants to do something for our community, support all the Bboys, Bgirls, Djs and various organizations.”

In addition, there was talk of a circuit of events and contests linked to an internal ranking with scholarships and trips up for grabs, among other things. A lot of space was given to the impressions, questions and proposals of the public made up of insiders, organizers, teachers and obviously B.Boys and B.Girls. The discussion was very interesting, with ACSI offering great logistical-organizational support, with a desire to grow and above all with the humility and desire to really get to know our world and to help it grow for what it really is: a culture free, born of passion. In this regard, the Olympics theme and therefore the sporting aspect of the discipline is certainly a crucial one. No one, let alone we, have anything against this new and great adventure full of opportunities and we are proud of how what we did on the margins of society has had such great recognition. Which by the way is happening simultaneously to all disciplines of Hip Hop. Hip Hop has always taken its space even and above all where everyone said it could not or should have, the Olympics are just yet another confirmation of the power of our beloved culture and of how much study, love, sacrifices and the personal journey of each of us becomes an unstoppable force when we do things all together. Having said that, let's talk about Culture. In our opinion, a truly crucial point is that yes, the contest is fine, the competition and the winning mentality are fine (all things that are already part of the culture, we are all friends, we all support each other but it is natural that we want to best represent and smash everything and everyone. It's part of the game.) but this is not the aim and should not be taken to an extreme. Breaking is much more than that. The competition is born and ends in the circle or in the battle, but dancing, having fun, getting to know people, creating connections, forming a group and also improving as people is something that shouldn't be lost. If the exclusively sporting aspect of the discipline is handed down to a child or young person, when he reaches his 30s and starts to no longer be competitive, what do you think will happen? Stop. Here's what happens. If, on the other hand, it is handed down to him and made part of the culture, rest assured that he will not stop dancing as long as he lives. Just as a writer writes as long as his legs hold up or a DJ who continues to diggin' at 80, or an MC who acts as master of ceremonies at his grandchildren's birthday in front of a grill. This must be handed down together with the values we represent: respect, love, peace, fun, unity, curiosity, seriousness, research, personal growth, changing one's reality for the better through artistic expression, making oneself known, being the best version of oneself every day. This is the only thing that really matters. Otherwise, the risk is to have a generational blackout in a few years where those who practice Breaking with a purely sporting spirit stop and the new generations will have no other transmission than purely athletic ones, transforming culture into, pass us the term, "simple" sport , with an inestimable social and cultural loss. So good luck and maximum support to ACSI Breaking Italia, we are sure that this project will bring many fruits and satisfactions as well as a refreshing balm for the Italian scene. Because the one written by Yaio is a sacred truth where he compares Breaking to a Baobab, whose roots are so solid as to survive any adversity, but it is also true that the care and health of its shoots and its ramifications are everyone's responsibility we. Six step, One life, a life dedicated to HH culture and Breaking. Culture can only be truly learned by living it.

The contest is well structured as always, it starts from Thursday with the Workshops of Nasty Ray and Kleju at the Zero Gravity Gym, in the evening the music of the Welcome Party formalizes the start of the event. From Friday we start with the Crew Battle (by the way, crews are another vital thing not to be missed for culture. Furthermore, the most spectacular contests of all are the crew against crew, just think of the old Battle of the Year or Hip Hop Connection in Pesaro over the years of the international crews invited. The energy is indescribable.) and with the Footwork Battle, which B.Boy Side wins, a guarantee by now, in a space final against Nasty Ray. On Saturday, however, the categories 1vs1 Kids Under 10, Under 12 and Under 16, 1vs1 Bboy, 1vs1 Bgirl and 2vs2 Open start in the two halls. A lot of stuff and a lot of show of skillz, originality, musicality and attitude of the Bboys and the BGirls and the Kids. Find our video recap at the end of the article. Everything went smoothly in terms of timing despite the bad weather and in a really intense two days with old and new friends from all over the world who came to visit us at the stand. The battles are tight, and the judges have their work cut out accompanied by the beautiful selecta of Djs Scream (Yalta Summer Jam), Plash One (Asthma Band), Manzo (Check the Style | Bari Got Flava), Turok (Sardinia), Collo (FunkCastle | Pavimento Fertile) e Frigo (Pavimento Fertile). Speaking of Frigo and Pavimento Fertile, we are pleased to report the release of their beautiful album "Dancing Around Fire" together with the great Tommaso Cappellato. Listen to it and support them here, there's even mega stylish vinyl!

We arrive in the evening and the Bliss is overwhelmed by the live performances of Slammer Sound Crew (What's up big boys!) by the freestyles of the All Bars Game Rap Battle and finally by the legendary Dj DoubleS with a super set to close with the live performance by Jake La Furia and the after party.

On Sunday the aforementioned conference and the final stages. Beautiful challenges, high level and lots of energy, masterfully accompanied by the tireless hosts Admir (9000 Styles & Belgium With Attitude), Kid Kontrasto (AllBars Game | ZRK | Check the Style) and Nastro (Slammer Sound crew). We report the list of winners also giving a big big up to all the participants who keep pushing, never give up.

2vs2 Open Pro: Boy Sheku & Bboy Aleon

1vs1 Bgirl Open Pro: Bgirl Chithdara

1vs1 Open Pro: BBoy Amaro

1vs1 Under 16: Lil Jasper

Crew Battle: Team For the Weekend

1vs1 Footwork: BBoy Side

1vs1 Under 12: Bboy Seigo

1vs1 Under 10: Bboy Hulk

So we set off again towards Rimini with lots of beautiful new memories, tired but happy. By the way, last two news before concluding: the first, we were very sorry that the Check was (unintentionally) simultaneously with another mega event that we support at 360°: the third edition of the Hip Hop Cinefest in Rome it was a bomb! The team of Baburka prod has created a splendid reality, support the precious documentation and dissemination work they do with documentaries, films and videos from all over the world. One love Chimp! Finally, if you pass by Rimini between now and June 3, go and visit the collective exhibition Segnali Urbani - Arte e scrittura del ‘900 nel tessuto urbano riminese at the City Museum, a group exhibition that tells the story and evolution into contemporary arts of Rimini's Writing (and Italian) through the works of 10 artists and the sketches of 38 writers. There is also half of Prama Jato which exhibits its sculptures together with the works of Tomoz, Burla22, Eron, Basik, Rok, Enko4, Reoh, Mozone and Blatta, all with different artistic paths but united by Writing as a starting point and to having left a tangible sign over the years in the city, in Italy and abroad.

So we arrive exhausted (thanks Marta for the help throughout the weekend!) and unfortunately affected by the bad weather, Rimini was lucky this time and our thoughts go to all the friends and people in difficulty throughout the region. Climate change is no joke. These days the flood is just a shy greeting compared to what awaits us if we continue to ignore it or ignore it.

See you at the next edition, the dates as always are already out! From 16 to 19 May 2024, don't make any commitments, let's go to the twenty-first edition of Check The Style!

One Love 

Lore and Sara

P.S. Go and download the photos always by the legendary EricG and watch the streaming of the event in their channels, big up!

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