B.PRO® | Invisible protective spinshirt for Breaking most common injuries

B.PRO® | Invisible protective spinshirt for Breaking most common injuries

It's not important to be a pro, it's important to B.PRO®


Hi B.Boys & B.Girls, what’s good? Have you been at Check The Style? We told you to stay tuned for some big news, and here it is! Its name is B.PRO®

What is B.PRO®?
B.PRO® means Be Protected and is an innovative undershirt that protects the points of the body at greatest risk of injury: wrists, elbows and, for the first time in the world, the shoulders! Patent pending, it took a couple of years study and create this technical tool that you can see in action in the beautiful videos made by Simone Mine for Freshcut Prod. with B.Boy Boogie, BBoy Salo e BBoy Cap.

How does B.PRO® work?
Our pads have a double function: they absorb shocks and at the same time return the thrust, it is worn like a normal thermal shirt, on top you can put any dress you want and the protections are invisible! Zero loss of style, protection and total freedom of movement
Why B.PRO®?
You are in training, learning or trying new things. You know the burns? Forget them. You know the bruises? Forget them. You know the bunions? Don't think about it anymore. You know the hyperuse syndromes? You can feel much more secure for years to come. All in a single invisible undershirt, without hindering the movements. You know when the blood comes out and your clothes get dirty, you have pain, you lose focus? With B.PRO® it won't happen again.
When will I be able to get B.PRO®?
Now! Click here

Discover more.

See you on the street with one less worry!

No Pain More Gain

Big Up!
One Love
Sara e Lore



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