Check The Style 2022 | International Breaking Event Recap

Check The Style 2022 | International Breaking Event Recap

What’s good Hip Hop Headz?

The warm season cannot start better, Hip Hop, Breaking, Sun, Abruzzo, L’Aquila, the Friends: Check The Style 2022!

We start from Rimini, full of energy, expectations of fun and performance anxiety (we have finally unveiled our new line B.PRO®: invisible technical protective clothing for Breaking, a world first and a solution for many injuries, what better place than this?). We have been supporting each other for many years and it is a great joy to see the event grow year after year, more and more and without ever losing sight of the spirit of the party, therefore the spirit of Hip Hop. At Check the Style you have fun, the competition and the competitive spirit are there, the battles are fire, the show is guaranteed and you have fun all together. We compare, help, improve, win and lose. We grow together. Culture. And this is the spirit we love, and that’s true.

In fact, the event has always tried to bring together disciplines and parties within the format. Maybe for the next twenty years anniversary we will also be able to get the Writers to come and make some nice city big wall together with the dope locals. Maybe an open mic and it would truly be a complete 360° Jam, beautiful as few. But in any case, the event was (always) an atomic bomb! A lot of B.Boys, B.Girls and B.Kids from all over the world, starting from this super line up: Kid David (The Squadron, USA), Mgbility (Hasta la Muerte, Slovakia), Anita (United Rockers & Illegal Crew , Argentina), Duna (Break the Funk, Italy), Kleju (Polskee Flava, Poland), Max (Momentum, Portugal), Foglia (Break the Funk, Italy), Nervo (Rapid Soul Moves, Italy), Krio (Breaknowledge, Italy), Blue (Bluroyals, Italy) as judges; DJ Fleg (USA), DJ Scream (Yalta, Planet Earth), DJ Manzo (Bari, Italy), DJ Turok (Cagliari, Sardinia) on the machines accompanied by the voices of Max Momentum, Keso and Nastro.

And that’s the spirit we love.

We really needed a weekend like this, thanks as always to Snook, Michela, Foglia, The Prisoners crew and all the staff of the organization (TOP!). All old and new friends met, a mega hug to Cap, Nic, Marta, Tommy, Arizona, Mine, Duna, Tetris, Taissa, Turok, Nugò, Side and Urban Force Crew, Chrystelle & Hip Hop Connection Arena, Collo & Pavimento Fertile, Daga, Snap, Rico And Last Alive Crew, Steelish, Loopi, Pita, Eric G, Pepè, Zampa and Alby (do you have a marker?), MGbility & Outbreak Crew, Slammer Sound Crew, Guido and the guys from Blue Sling. Sorry if we don't mention all of you, extra hug for you! For the photos we refer you to the fantastic shots of the legendary Eric G and to the official Check the Style pages, while we leave you with a big hug, a mega Big Up to the winners (Six Step One Life!) and our video recap of the weekend.

Stay tuned on these channels, Check the Style 2023 is already in preparation! Support the events where you have fun in, HH Headz, be wary of situations where you breathe the same mall air, where there is no soul and culture dies. Culture is all of us and our actions. Support the truth. Leave a mark. Represent and enjoy. Always remember that it is you with your passion who give life to everything that happens around you. B.Boys and B.Girls make events exist, not the other way around. Keep it real! Friends, dance, music and memories remain forever, everything else is a snake oil salesman.

Upcoming cool events around: May 27th Anniversary Urban Force Crew in Rome, June 4th Concrete Soul in Modena, June 3-5 Amazing Day in Milan, July 22-24 20th year of Hip Hop Connection in Pesaro. Then don't say there isn't any! You dig? ———> Get Down!

P.S. = Support Dj Scream and the next edition of the Yalta Summer Jam, and Legits Foundation to help communities, Breakers and humans during this umpteenth, unbearable and pointless war. They all lose in the end, and the first to pay the consequences of wicked choices are always the innocent. No more wars. No more people who thrive on the death of others. Respect. Knowledge. Peace. Love. Unit. Fun. Style. Consciousness. HH.


One Love Hip Hop Headz, see y’all in the street!


Sara, Lore and the Prama Family


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