Feel Da Bounce X Edizione - Recap

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This year too we're proud partners, supporter and sponsor of Feel da Bounce, which, if that still need explanation, confirms again to be one of the most entertaining events in Italy. If you add that it takes place in Sardinia, in a location like the Hotel Setar, the package offered by Puffo and Crew is complete. Despite the rain that ruined the participants' tan expectations a bit, everything went smoothly, between laughter and skillz

we saw some good challenges from the high level, the judges Niako, Didier, Joseph Go, Keyz, Salomon and Tomi Fly had their work cut out. The music selected by Dj Ake, Dj Cee, Dj Met and Dj Wally accompanied the dancers over the weekend, don't stop!
The atmosphere created by the performance of the Folk group of Bolero Club and mega fun with some freestyle to close a super weekendl!
Big Up to Compà Dreush, Telemare and Elvis, always support!
Finally, mega mention to the joy shouted by Ceres of the Tribal Gunz for having won one of the Prama jerseys offered in the Hip Hop category, great!
Below is the list of winners, who win a nice nest egg, a Prama spinshirt and the fantastic hand-made plaques from BBoy Cap, big up!
See you next year!
P.S. = Thanks to Frank for the support with the charger!

PPS: = Here you will find the videos of the challenges.

See y'all next year. One Love!


Breaking Open: BBoy Gans

BGirl Open: BGirl Solid

Breaking - Under 10: Chicco Dreush

Breaking - Under 14: Oikachu

Breaking - Under 18: Sleit

Hip Hop - Under 10: Ammy

Hip Hop - Under 14: Ish

Hip Hop - Under 18: Meme

Hip Hop Open: Ceres

Coreografico: Tribal Ganz