Hip Hop Connection Arena 2019 - Recap

Hip Hop Connection Arena 2019 - Recap

For 19 years, the summer of Pesaro for four days is populated by a flood of BBoys, BGirls and Stand ups, music and taking well. Thanks to the commitment and passion of Chrystelle, Laura and all the organizers, the Hip Hop Connection Arena is once again one of the most long-lived and powerful events in Italy.
Under a scorching sun but more forgiving than the last edition, Bboys and Crews from all over the world competed. This year the invited Crews were: Legacy, Vagabonds, Last Alive, Marittima Funk, Lottaboyz, Funky Belgians, Type Comics, Bandits who challenged each other with the other 8 who passed the Selections.
But let's proceed with order: Thursday was the day of the Camp and Workshops, on Friday the contests start with the 2vs2 Breaking U16, 1vs1 Hip Hop U16 and 4vs4 MIXSTYLE U18 categories.
Seeing so many children dancing together, making friends and talking is always a beautiful thing! The level grows as they grow (some of them we remember since they were under one meter high, and now a few years later they are taller than us ahahaha). However, good contests in all categories.
Everything runs smoothly even on Saturday, with the open 1vs1 Breaking and 2vs2 Mixstyle. Super Dope! Unfortunately, citing the great Dj Lugi, "but the train does not wait and we must return to the area!"(Listen Here!)
We had to leave before the finals, which in any case we advise you to see in the playlist at the end of the article. Show! Always immersed in a beautiful atmosphere, as we have been told, after parties have been cool, like the Highlanders only a few survived, Iroman!
We are therefore starting great for the last day, the day of the Crew vs Crew. What we can say, the show was awesome!
Through these days we have seen everything: from the mega Footwork (Six Step One Life!) Of Duna, Cap, Sdido, Beatmaster T, Cibilz, Envy, Cannì, Nasty Den to the incredible Powermoves of Shigekix, Lil Kev, Tomifly, Mowgly, Funny66.
Among all, in our humble opinion, BBoy Boogiegun stood out with his unique freestyle style. Almost every entry was a kill the beat, great interpretation and technique, combining toprock, footworks and powermoves in a complete and always original and stylish way. Big Up!
Super Big Up also for Djs Krops (Fusion MC / ILL-Abilities / Cool Like That, Korea), Ake (The Fonzarelli's Crew / Sleng Teng Sound, IT), Neck (Ordinary Dancers / Funkastle, IT), nice selection for the whole weekend! Beautiful mash up by Dj Krops with Imagine by John Lennon, Dope!
Great work also by the Hosts: Ares Adami (always on point mate!), EsomRock (Bandits) & Smile (Fundanza Family). Always Fresh!
BBoy Fat deserves a place of honor among the Hosts because at one point, during a challenge, picks up the microphone and burns the audience! Hilarious!
The most beautiful challenge was undoubtedly the Legacy vs. Vagabonds semifinal, two top crews that have pulled off some incredible stuff! What we believe was the best entry of the event can be found below, and it is precisely from this challenge. Guess who?
In the end the Vagabonds won, thus gaining access to the final.
Dope challenges at the exhibition 1 Breaker 1 Judge, whit Lussy Sky vs Snap, Lord vs Logan, Beatmaster T vs Cap, Darwin vs Han. Another afterparty but we are cooked up, so after a bit of chat with friends we go home full of beautiful memories.
See you next year! What will they bring out for the twentieth anniversary?
A hug to all the friends who came to visit us at our stand, this year we also had the great pleasure of having the stand of Mediterranea Saving Humans near us, maximum support for them and for the work they do. Anyone who professes BBoy or Hip Hop Head can only be on the side of those who help, share and save lives. Our principles are the same as theirs, support them!
Sara and Lore

P.S. Here is the list of winners, selected by the judges BEATMASTER- T (Predatorz, RUS), SNAP (Last Alive, IT), DARWIN (Bad trip, FR), SHIGEKIX (KAKB / Bboy City Asia, JA) (Kids category), LUSSY SKY (Navy, UA), MUFASA (Egotrip, FR), LUFFY (Forzesound / RR, FR)
Crew vs Crew:
LORD (Illeagles / Feet4Funk, IT), LUSSY SKY (Navy, UA), SNAP (Last Alive / Mighty Zulu Kingz, IT), DARWIN (Bad Trip, FR), BEATMASTER- T (Predatorz, RUS)
1vs1 Hip Hop: Emi
4vs4 Mixed Style U18: Yessai Junior1
2vs2 Mixed Style: Shorty+Carlos
1vs1 Breaking: Shigekix
4vs4 Breaking: Vagabond Crew


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