Six Step One Life #2 - BBoy Sdido

Six Step One Life #2 - BBoy Sdido

Six Step One Life:
"The infinite search for perfection through the simplicity of a movement, which makes us masters of our art. Like to draw a perfect freehand circle.
This translates into the fact that i am never satisfied of the forms that take my movements, so the constant research, training almost every day and now since 13 years.
I try to disappear from the scene for a while to train a lot, then return completely improved in every form that i represent, i do not always succeed ... consequently i teach my friends and students and i hope that they become better than me."

BBoy Sdido


What does this mean to you?

We interested in your opinions, stories and adventures from your experience into Breaking and Hip Hop Culture, from knowledge to share to funny stories, and videos of your dopest Six step and foundations.

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