Six Step One Life #1 - BBoy Ibra

Six Step One Life #1 - BBoy Ibra

Six Step One Life:
"I’ve always associated Breaking with my way of being, i see the Six step as the sixth sense, that supporting element that for me represents the way in which each of us expresses himself through art using the various senses. Hearing is the key element that determines the musicality in each one of the six steps as notes spread out on the floor. Taste, that is the flava that determines the style in this fundamental base. Tact or touch that changes according to the place that surrounds us that affects our vibrations. Smell that in this case is represented by the breath that binds music and body to be in perfect harmony between rhythm and movement. View instead is given by the shapes in each step, drawing with the body in space the fruit of our imagination dictated by music."

BBoy Ibra


What does this mean to you?

We interested in your opinions, stories and adventures from your experience into Breaking and Hip Hop Culture, from knowledge to share to funny stories, and videos of your dopest Six step and foundations.

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