Six Step One Life #9 - BBoy Cima

Six Step One Life #9 - BBoy Cima

Six Step One Life:

If we talk about six steps that tell you, I first learned the 3 step ... I saw it more stylish than the sixstep until I saw Ramon from Lugano ... He was and is a bboy of the Natural Force of Milan and also a member of Next Level, Crew of my own generation led by Next One

I have never seen such a stylish, particular and unique six step ... After I was totally under it for the shapes it created with the legs ... (because for me in the breakin, on the Footwork and in the six step itself only the shape counts, dynamics and uniqueness) ... I started working on the Six step base ... an infinite world !!

I have never been able to reach the class and beauty of Ramon's sixstep, but thanks to these six steps a lot of combinations have opened up to me ... the beauty that I have never limited myself to combining sequences of different Six step types among them or what are the foundations that automatically come out of the sixstep base...according to my concept of Footwork you have to do new basics and not only make them yours, which is very different ... Knowing how to take many classic steps and combine them, even in the most stylish way you can, make us only machines with a thousand steps sometimes really without style and useless, only to show that we have once taken an accent or what many have confused with dancing and being groovy ... The Six step is a fundamental basis that is too obvious to do well, precise ... as everyone wants to see it, but extremely complex to make it truly unique ...
As I always say ... This is my one and only thought, no Master, King or pioneer that I consume would perhaps think so ...
Thanks for the dedicated space ...
I was honored ... A hug to those who love me and two hugs to those who don’t.

BBoy Cima


Thanks EricG for the photos!





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