Who Got The Flower?! 2024 - Street Recap

Who Got The Flower?! 2024 - Street Recap

The great thing when you go to a jam is the atmosphere. You can immediately feel the right vibration in the air. And it's the vibe we've breathed since the first moment we arrived at the WGTF. A lot of guys in purple have put together over the years (if I'm not mistaken the ninth edition) a bomb event from every point of view. Impeccable organisation, very kind volunteers, lots of people, dancers and top-class formats. They range from Breaking to stand up to modern up to an aftertaste of theater with their format which in our opinion is the most interesting together with the concrete formats: The Colab is certainly an event within an event which alone is worth the trip, and not only for dancers but for everyone who wants to see a great show. Dancer and musician are randomly paired and must compete 1 on 1 totally in freestyle, including musicians. As the contest progresses, an instrument is added until the final where 2 full bands compete. Wow! The first day ends on a high note. But the things we found at the WGTF are far from over. We saw: a writing area with writers who painted a themed panel, a skate ramp with related contest, a relaxation area on the lawn with sofas built with pallets, lots of cool stands, delicious crepes, 100% eco public toilets without water (magic of sawdust, try it, never smell it in 3 days), live screen printing on clothes from the reuse market, covered training area, afterparty every day. B.Boy Cap told us as soon as he returned from the last edition, but seeing them live was honestly something else, because everything I listed just now is done, set up (assembled and dismantled) and taken care of by the WGTF team in a parking lot of a shopping center. Onethousandthousand square meters of deserted asphalt, completely transformed. These guys want to do something, and the bittersweet feeling is that this is a place where those who want to seriously try to do something with limited means available, passion and sacrifice are helped, and not simply tolerated. Well done! So we meet a lot of old and new friends, thanks to everyone for the support! It was nice to meet good persons, get to know the localz of the various disciplines and see so many people, young and old, come from all over Europe to participate or just to spend 3 days having fun. Always the best to exchange experiences, memories and knowledge thanks to this type of aggregating events where competition is not in first place. Each dancer represents hard, we know, a big up in fact to all the participants and the winners, but then it's party for everyone. We have reached considerable levels of tiredness, but there is no need to worry, we are gearing up to overcome them, follow us to always be updated on our new releases. We continue to push with even more hard, those who know us know this. I won't go into detail about the battles because we were at the stand, so we couldn't see many of the challenges. What we saw was an expanse of smiles and good people both in the team and in the participants, for us this thing matters a lot as we also have experience in organizing jams. Only in this way does our culture move forward, only in this way is it kept alive. Have Fun, be yourself and represent hard. Sometimes a block party is better than a mega individualist event where tension is sliced in favor of the camera. The spirit is in the Crews and in the events that become great from the bottom. Thank you. We leave you with some photos and our video recap. I'll put my hand forward: I know that these days a 3-minute video now seems longer and more monotonous than a film, but it's just a question of perception. If you can't keep focus on something for more than 10 seconds, as Instagram tells us, it's probably because of the "social" way of communicating where we are dragged into enclosing a life in a few seconds, obviously pre-packaged to seem incredible. But beauty cannot be captured in 10 seconds, so if you really can't do it, close your eyes and pump up the volume, let yourself be carried away by the exceptional improvisation of the musicians Bernard on drums, Félicité on harp, Enzo on Guitar and Alexis on Clarinet taken live during The Colab, fantastic.


Support things made from the heart, which take time to grow. 
Small bonus, on the WGTF Youtube channel you can find the challenges and here the beautiful photos of Pix'Ys

Big hug! 
Prama Family


...speaking of dopest events, this weekend everyone is in L'Aquila for Check The Style! See you at the stand!

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