Gaza is Alive!

Gaza is Alive!

We have been at CSO Pedro this weekend at the wonderful Fundraising Jam for Gaza is Alive, project, supporting Shaark, the CB Crew and their school. It is important to help those in need and that deserve it, even a little help can be so much for those who have nothing. Here the Hip Hop really saves lives, remember this BBoys and BGirls! We paste the release of the project, to get an idea of ​​the situation, and then Immediately go to Crowdfunding and donate!

Thanks again to all the guys from Pedro and the super Orion. See you soon! Then a bit of photos of the pieces and the evening with Dj Gruff who made a mega live and made BBoy Ibra, BBoy Raw Martin, BBoy Gian, BGirl Eloc and BGirl Anna perform well.

Big Up!

The project

The Gaza Strip is the largest open-air prison in the world.


The recent conflicts (2009 and 2014) and the latest events related to the "Great March of Return" have pushed the population towards a highly critical social condition.

The economic condition (high rate of unemployment, lack of electricity and drinking water, malnutrition, etc.), and inefficient welfare services complete the alarming picture.

Furthermore, the total embargo imposed by Israel for 12 years has led to an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. Most of the 2 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip live in a state of deprivation of the most basic human rights and cannot travel or leave a large militarized 360 sq. Km land tongue.

These facts have negatively affected the lives of people, especially children, who represent the most vulnerable subjects.

The psycho-social health of people is one of the most urgent dimensions to be addressed.

The CB Crew of Gaza Over the years, we have known and supported the gazawi breakdown crew "Camp Breakerz", which for 15 years, through Hip Hop, has been trying to convey to the Palestinian population that sense of freedom suffocated by the segregation with which it is forced to come to terms every day. For 10 years they have founded a break-dance school, which right now needs funds to support the costs of renting the premises, equipment, dance, writing, music and rap courses. Until recently the school was financed by the monthly fees paid by families, which today are increasingly suffering the effects of the economic crisis. The result of this dramatic picture is the abandonment of course attendance by children. Furthermore, teachers are only partially paid and, therefore, they are forced to spend part of their day in other work activities, thus putting their education and planning of teaching activities in the background.

Gaza is Alive 2019: a Jam, but not only!
This summer we will go to Gaza with a team of musicians, international Hip Hop artists and psychologists for a series of psycho-social support music production, rap, writing and breakdancing workshops and a beautiful Jam, which will be just the beginning of a long-term support project, which provides for an economic coverage that can make courses for children free; adequate remuneration for teachers and their continuous training. We ask anyone who wants to contribute to bringing art, culture and joy to Gaza to donate and follow us on our Facebook page, expanding the solidarity network as much as possible. 

NB: You can also contribute by bank transfer

IBAN: IT82V0335901600100000154044 c/o Banca Prossima
Headed to: Graphite HB
Reason: Gaza is Alive


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