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Check The Style 2022 | International Breaking Event Recap

What’s good Hip Hop Headz? The warm season cannot start better, Hip Hop, Breaking, Sun, Abruzzo , L’Aquila , the Friends: Check The Style 2022! We start from Rimini, full of energy, expectations of fun and performance anxiety (we have finally unveiled our new line B.PRO®: invisible technical protective clothing for Breaking, a world first and a solution for many injuries, what better place than this?). We have been supporting each other for many years and it is a great joy to see the event grow year after year, more and more and without ever losing sight of the spirit of the party, therefore...
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Check The Style The BIG ONE - 2019 L'Aquila

What a BIG times in L'Aquila this Year for Check The Style The Big One Music Festival , plenty of fun, style, great music and friends! Every year is a pleasure to be partners and supporters of this beautyful reality, Snook , Michela , Foglia , The Prisoners crew and all the stuff make a wonderful job once again. Stay in L'Aquila means breathe a powerful mix of emotions, from the scars of the earthquake of 2009 to the strong will of a restart for the community who lives there. We meet a lot of cool young people who work hard to make dreams, passion and ideas comes true. It ain't easy, but...